We Headed West & Now We’re Home

Wow—what a trip! From the snowy mountains of Colorado to the sunny sequoia forests of the Sierras, those eleven days were chock-full of new and old friends, music, dance, and places. Below, some quick photo documentation of our tour!








TPS Vegas
We barely spent twelve hours in Las Vegas, but we got to play for people from a wonderful mix of dance communities: international, contra, English Country, and Scottish! Plus, Lisa and Eric (who booked us for the Nevada City contra) happened to be passing through town and stopped by to hear us play. Photo by Lisa Frankel.



TPS home
We finally arrived home, having logged over 3200 miles through six states. We took this as evidence to Rick that the walnuts he’d sent with us (he lives on a walnut farm) had safely arrived to their destination, the home of the real-life Parsons (pictured with us is Noralyn). Success!


And of course, we can’t say it enough: thank you to everyone who helped us to set up and make this tour a success, from the people who booked us for their dances to our hosts to every awesome person we met at a gig or on the road. We love you all and hope to see you (and play for you) again soon! Onward to fun new things in NM, for a while.



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