Nuts and Bolts: Mailing List

Mirinisa’s been out of town for a couple of weeks so we haven’t been able to rehearse (nor finally shoot and publish those videos we’ve been promising, but that’ll happen next week for sure) and Clara’s been busy at a festival featuring one of her other ensembles, but we’ve still been hard at work on the behind-the-scenes aspect of our group—let’s call it the Nuts and Bolts of what makes this all run smoothly:

  1. We now have our own email address:
  2. We started a mailing list through MailChimp. Sign up for our mailing list here!
  3. We created an Instagram because we heard that’s what all the cool kids are doing. Follow us @theparsonsisters.

We’ve also booked another couple of gigs and started planning our next big adventure, but that belongs in another post. Check back in a week or so to hear all about these exciting developments!